PYANOOK: Grand expedition.
Ralf Schmid performs live on two acoustic pianos with motion-controlled electronics.

PYANOOK: Undiscovered pianistic terrain.
Revolutionary data gloves detect hand and finger movements and enable PYANOOK to control sound processing in the flow of piano playing.

PYANOOK: Futuristic piano recital 4D.
Video-projections on aerial sculptures: PYANOOK´s compositions/improvisations interact with the visual art of Pietro Cardarelli.

„... the blend of sound and movement seems like magic.“

Ralf Schmid piano & electronics
Pietro Cardarelli visual art
Michele Locatelli art direction

PYANOOK live in concert


Next performance: Pyanook Lab Vol. 3 at Humboldtsaal Freiburg, 25 October 2018. New technology! A stellar constellation over the grand piano (Augmented Reality) interacts with sound and glove movements and is accessable through your personal smartphone. Tickets available here!!

Pyanook interview in Brasil´s "O Globo"

Pyanook title of Arttourist magazine!


  • 26 jan 2018
    RIO DE JANEIRO RC4 Festival
  • 04 may 2018
    FREIBURG Pyanook LAB @ Humboldtsaal
  • 22 june 2018
    FREIBURG Pyanook LAB @ Humboldtsaal
  • 26 june 2018
    BERLIN Neue Meister live, VW Drive Forum
  • 20 july 2018
    FREIBURG Pyanook LAB @ Humboldtsaal
  • 10 oct 2018
    LÖRRACH, Burghof
  • 25 oct 2018
    FREIBURG Pyanook LAB @ Humboldtsaal
  • 07 feb 2019
    KONSTANZ, K9 / Festival